PoE Injector

PoE 101 G30 1Introduction

PoE101 (G30W), This is a single-port PoE injector with one Ethernet port, one PoE output port and one AC input power port. Its supports end-span PoE and the output power consumption is up to 30W; It features: 10/100/1000Mbps network, 100m transmission distance, 6KV lightning protection, industrial-level chip and patent alert. It’s an excellent choice for power supply and network transmission on PTZ cameraz, all-in-one PC, digital display sistem.

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InterfaceInput VoltageAC 100V ~ AC 240V
Data Input1 x RJ45
PoE Output1 x RJ45
PoEPoE Power Supply TypeEnd-span
PoE Power OutputDC 54V/30watts
Output Ripple< 5%
Power Pin AssignmentPair: 1/2 (+), 3/6 (-)
 Ethernet Port    Communicattion Port1 x RJ45 Input 
Transmission Rate10/100/1000Mbps
Transmission MediumCat5/5e/6 Cable
 Distance100m (Max.)
Status Power LED1 (Red)
PoE LED1 (Orange)
Protection Surge Protection

PoE Power: 1KV (Differential Mode), 2KV (Common Mode) 1.2/50us, 8/20us

Ethernet: 2KV (Differential Mode), 6KV (Common Mode) 10/7000us


1a Contact Discharge Level 3

1b Air Discharge Level 3

Per: IEC61000-4-2

Enviroment Working Temperature-10oC ~ 55oC  
Storage Temperature-40oC ~ 85oC
Humidity (Non-condensing)0~90%
Mechanics    Dimension (L x W x H) 160mm x 64mm x 60mm 
 MaterialABS Platics


(*) Made in China