IGS-2824L3+ (420)


IGS 2824L3+(420)






The 24 ports PoE Gigabit managed Ethernet switch, which provide 24* PoE Gigabit downlink Ethernet ports, 4* 10Gigabit uplink SFP ports. The Products support IEEE 802.3 af/at, support Web layer-3 network management and PoE management. Products are widely used in security surveillance, network engineering projects and so on.

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  • Provide 24* PoE Gigabit downlink Ethernet ports, 4* 10Gigabit uplink SFP ports.
  • Provide web-based layer 3 network management and PoE management by simple operation.
  • Support One-key CCTV/LOCK/ONLINE/RING.
  • Support high-speed data forwarding, very suitable for large flow of video data forwarding in security surveillance.
  • Support recovery of IP address & user password by one key recovery button.
  • Quick Installation, simple operation, convenient for wall/desk/rack installation.


IGS 2824L3+(420) 2





Downstream Ports

24* 10/100/1000Base-T PoE

Uplink Ports

4*10G Base-X SFP optical ports (support 1000Base-X by web setting)

Network Standard

IEEE802.3 ,  IEEE802.3u,  IEEE802.3ab,  IEEE802.3Z,  IEEE802.3X,   IEEE 802.1Q IEEE 802.1p   IEEE 802.3ad ,  IEEE 802.1D,  IEEE 802.1X

Switching Capacity




Switch Processing Scheme

Store and Forward

Memory Buffer


MAC Table


PoE Standard


PsE Type


Power Pin Assignment

1/2(+),  3/6(-)

PoE Power Output

54V DC, 30 watts max

PoE Budget

390 watts max

Lightning protection

6kV Execute: IEC61000-4-5


6KV  Contact discharge

8KV  Air discharge

Execute:  IEC61000-4-2

Power Supply

100~240VAC 50/60Hz

Power Dissipation

<420W(Including PoE)

Work temperature


Storage temperature




Dimension (L×W×H)






Software Features

Port Management

Support port enabling and disabling

Support port speed settings

Support port full-duplex mode

Support IEEE802.3x flow control

Support Jumbo Frame

Support port name modification


Support of 4K VLAN

Support 802.1Q VLAN protocol

Support QINQ

Support GVRP dynamic VLAN register

Support VLAN based on port\protocol\MAC

Quality of Service

Support COS classification base on 802.1p

Support QoS base on DSCP

Support 8 priority queues

Queue scheduling: SP, WRR, SP+WRR

Support 802.1p CoS/DSCP priority

Multicast Management

Support SNMPV1 / V2 / V3 protocols

Support MLD-snooping

POE management

Support Total Power Control

Support PoE On Off

Support single-port 30W output,Output port and priority

Security Features

Supports IP, MAC, port, VLAN binding combinations

Support MAC address auto-learning, aging and filtration

Support port isolation, port speed limit

Support STP/RSTP, Fast-Ring

Support 5 groups of link aggregation

Support LLDP

Support 802.1X


Support base on source-MAC, target-MAC, protocal-classify, source-IP, target-IP,
L4 ports-number

Support time-range management

System Management

Web-based GUI and CLI management

Support FTP / TFTP / HTTP load upgrade

Support traffic statistics

Support MAC address table query

Support IP address, DNS server modifications

Support user name and password modification

Support for history, log management

Support System Configuration Backup

Support to recover the default factory settings on reboot

L3 Management

Support IPV4 static route setup

Support RIP V1/2 on IPV4

Support OSPF V1/V2

Support static NDAdd,delete, burn-in time sutup/check

Support static NDAdd,delete, burn-in time sutup/check

Support VRRP V1/2/3 virtual redundant route protocol

Support group-broadcasting MLD(IPV6)

Support DHCP client, server

Support relay repeater, DHCP snooping

Support duplex transfer check mechanism


(*) Made in China